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Nature Image Challenges

Free Challenge

Answer 5 Questions Correctly in One Minute

Each Image Question Has 8 Possible Answer Choices

Earn $ 1.75


$ 2.00 Challenge

Answer 10 Questions Correctly in Two Minutes

Each Question Has 8 Possible Answer Choices

Earn Up To $ 10.00

These Challenges Can Be Tried Weekly
Our Entry Fees Are Non - Refundable For ANY Reason
You MUST Have A PayPal Account To Collect All Earnings

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Total Payouts To Date - None

You Can Try Our Non - Earnings DEMO HERE


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Try This FREE Anything Nature Image Challenge DEMO Game

Correctly Answer All 5 Questions Within 1 Minute


Try This Demo Challenge Once a Day

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This Demo Challenge is Played in the White Area Below

The Questions in This Demo are  Easier  Than in the Real Cash  Challenges

This Challenge Is Not Ready Yet

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